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We are a long established father son practice serving in and around Thousand Oaks, CA. Scott and I have a unique father son relationship in that we have practiced together for 18 years and actually respect and still like each other. It has been a positive relationship and very beneficial in our delivery of quality health care to our patients. We both have different dental educational backgrounds which lends diversity of ideas and approach in the care and treatment we provide.

We often consult with each other so as to provide the best possible service for our valued patients. We strive to provide you with optimal dental health in a clean, friendly and safe environment. Dentistry has made some amazing advances in technology and materials. Unfortunately, it has also been influenced by product marketing campaigns, corporate owned dental offices and up selling of procedures. What is best for the patient is not always the treatment recommended.

Our practice philosophy is simple.  We do not recommend any treatment that we would not have done on ourselves or family members.  Our commitments to do what is in our patients best interest is the utmost priority.  We excel in numerous general and cosmetic procedures and actively stay current with the latest advances in dentistry. Continuing education classes are of utmost importance in our delivery of dental care.  We invite you to explore our website and hopefully will be seeing you soon.

Timothy S. Arnett D.D.S.

Scott C. Arnett D.D.S.

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